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Industrial Safety Policy

Company policy in the field of industrial safety

This POLICY is developed in accordance with the main methodological approaches, principles, rules and requirements of the standards

  1. of Compliance of the Company’s activities with the nature and extent of risks in the field of industrial safety;
  2. Continual improvement of the Integrated industrial safety management system of the Company;
  3. of Compliance in the field of industrial safety applicable to the activities of the Company legislative and other requirements;
  4. Continuous improvement of the state of industrial safety, labor protection, the environment and ensuring control over the fulfillment of these obligations;
  5. Creation of healthy and safe working conditions due to the achievement of the level of production processes corresponding to the state of the art and the achievements of science, guided by the principle of the priority of life and health of employees in relation to the results of production activities;
  6. Achieving a consistent reduction in occupational injuries, accidents and adverse environmental impact of production;
  7. Increasing the industrial and environmental safety of the Company’s production facilities to the level corresponding to the best performance in the oil companies of the world due to timely replacement and enhancement of reliability of technological equipment, ensuring its safe and accident-free operation;
  8. Creation and maintenance in the Company of effective and corresponding to the requirements of international standards of the management system in the field of industrial safety, labor and environmental protection ensuring regular planning and solving of the major problems of industrial safety, labor and environmental protection arising to the Company;
  9. Ensuring a minimum level of adverse impact from newly introduced facilities on the environment and personnel by improving the quality of preparation for the project and project documentation and conducting the necessary examinations;
  10. To implement all available and practically implemented set of measures to prevent injuries and deterioration of employees’ health, emergency situations, and in case of their occurrence take measures to mitigate their consequences for personnel and the environment;
  11. Bring to the Company’s personnel and subcontractors and suppliers conducting current work at the Company’s production facilities this COMPANY POLICY, the relevant standards and norms in the field of industrial safety, labor protection and the environment adopted by the Company and demanding compliance with them;
  12. To inform and advise interested parties (contractors, the public, executive authorities, etc.) on issues related to the Company’s activities in the field of industrial safety, labor protection and the environment;
  13. To revise, correct as necessary and to improve the COMPANY POLICY in the field of industrial safety, labor protection and the environment.