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Environmental protection policy

Company policy in the field of environmental protection

The basic principles of environmental protection allow the impact of enterprises on the natural environment based on environmental requirements. Our enterprise reduces the negative impact on the environment in the performance of works based on the use of the best available technologies taking into account economic and social factors.
Responsibility for making decisions in the performance of economic or other activities that have or may have a negative impact on the environment shall be borne by the enterprise manager and the person appointed by him.

The qualification guide determines the duties of the senior engineer for industrial safety, occupational safety and ecology as the following:

  • control over observance of environmental legislation, instructions, standards for environmental protection in the company’s subdivisions;
  • development of projects of prospective and current plans for environmental protection;
  • control over the implementation of environmental protection plans;
  • Participation (as an enterprise representative) in carrying out environmental expertise of feasibility studies, expansion and reconstruction projects of existing production facilities, as well as new technologies and equipment, development of measures for the introduction of new technology;
  • control over observance of technological regimes of nature protection facilities, the state of the environment in the area of the enterprise location;
  • participation in the conduct of research and experimental work on the purification of industrial wastewater, the prevention of environmental pollution by emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, the reduction or complete elimination of technological waste, the rational use of land and water resources;
  • drawing up of technological regulations, schedules of the analytical control, passports, instructions and other technical documentation;
  • participation in the verification of compliance of the technical condition of the equipment with the requirements of environmental protection and rational nature management;
  • compilation of established reporting on the implementation of environmental protection measures.

In order to comply with the requirements of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the exploitation of economic and other activities, it shall be ensured that the environmental quality standards are not exceeded in accordance with environmental, sanitary and hygienic standards, as well as with building codes and regulations.

Protection of atmospheric air from pollution

The main areas of air-protection measures include technological and special measures aimed at reducing emissions and reducing their surface concentrations.
Technological measures include:

  • The use of more advanced technology than that used in other enterprises to produce the same products
  • increase in unit capacity of aggregates at the same total capacity
  • application of more «clean» fuel in production
  • use of flue gas recirculation