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Occupational safety policy

Company policy in the field of labor safety

Our company undertakes to provide safe and sanitary-working conditions for all its employees. Compliance with health and safety policy is the primary goal of all employees.
The company strictly adheres to the safety rules in the field of company activities. Introductory initial briefings for newcomers are conducted, as well as targeted and daily briefings before the start of the working day. All employees are provided with proper overalls, special footwear and personal protective equipment. The first managers of the company conduct internal inspections of the site on a weekly basis. Along with internal inspections, weekly inspections of the site are conducted in conjunction with representatives of safety watcher of the customer. Violations are detected, remarks are issued, which are eliminated within the period specified by the customer.

Masters and ganger led by the technical director have been trained in providing first aid and received certificates since January 2014. All employees of the company were trained at the course «Industrial Safety», received certificates for the right to serve hazardous production facilities in April. Training was conducted at the rate of «Labor Protection» in February 2015 and certificates were obtained.

The company cares not only about raising the level of knowledge and qualification of its employees, but also about their working conditions in the camp. We also do not forget that employees need timely rest during the working day. On the campus there is a dining room. Air conditioners are installed in the dining room and residential trailers. The filter of 5-step cleaning works to ensure the quality of drinking water. At 10.00 hours, and at 17.00 hours, except breakfast, lunch and dinner, «coffee breaks» are delivered to the places of work.

The Company has obtained certificates of compliance by international standards since June 2014:

  • ISO 9001-2009
  • ISO 14001-2006
  • OHSAS 18001-2008

Our company has become one of the top 100 best companies in five countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Armenia in August 2014.

Construction Manager Burmistrov Andrey Alexandrovich received the Order «For Merits in Construction» and Medal of Honor «For outstanding services in the professional sphere» was presented to the director of the company Tersebayev Ardak Zhanuzakovich.

Statistics of accidents from 2015:

• Accident – 1;
• Fatal accident – 0; Simple in case of accidents – 0;
• Damage to property – 0;
• Frequency Coefficient Fc – 22,2;
• Coefficient of gravity Cg – 70.

The accident occurred on December 26, 2014 with the mounter Karybaev Abzal, who stumbled and fell during the movement to the work site. Because of the fall Because of the fall, Karybaev Abzal fractured his right collarbone.