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About company

How steel was tempered (or business development in the era of the global crisis)

The company was established in the North-Kazakhstan region and was called the «Уалихан -Курылыс» company in December 2005. The company made a major overhaul of the school in 2006 and installed a water pipe for drinking water for the Elevator in the period from 2007 to 2008. A lot of work was done by subcontracting the construction of residential complexes in Almaty city, including the construction of the eastern highway, where the general contractor was the “KUAT” Corporation in the period from 2008 to 2011.

Our first steps in the new construction direction began in 2011; our company received a contract for the construction of an access railway to the Oil Storage Base at Dostyk station (border station with the Republic of China). The complexity of this project was that according to the project the width of the rail track was 1435 mm, and all our equipment, including the measuring instruments was for the track of the CIS countries, that is 1520 mm. Engineers and project managers needed to take courses in Alashonkou (PRC) expeditiously, purchase equipment and measuring instruments. Our Chinese colleagues happily shared with us the standards of 1435 mm. Our company successfully completed the project and at the same time launched the first trains from the side of the Republic of China at the end of 2012.

In fact, 2012 was a year of verification for our company and our guys, this year we commissioned three objects:

  1. Access railways of the Oil Storage Base in Dostyk (customer is “Dostyk Refinery” LLP).
  2. Access railways for the metal storage base in Balkhash town (customer is “KSP Steel” LLP).
  3. Access railways of the Mynaralsky cement plant in the Mynaral village (customer is «ЖЦПК» LLP, general contractor is АДС – Company).

The founders of the company gave a new name – the Group of Railwaymen of Kazakhstan in 2013. It was this year that the company received a new impulse and a new contract for the construction of in-site railroads and an access road at the Aktogay copper project of «KAZ Minerals Aktogay» LLP. During the period of cooperation with «KAZ Minerals Aktogay» LLP we built and commissioning the following facilities:

  1. Intrasite railways – 9.6 km.
  2. Railroad crossing –10 pcs.
  3. Carriage scales – 1 piece.
  4. Culverts -17 pcs.
  5. Road of the III category – 14,5 km.
  6. Runway — 1 piece.
  7. Earth-excavation – 1 borrow cut.

Many small works that were performed in a subcontract way are not described here, we took bright achievements that left a trace on us that is called Experience.