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Ardak Zhanuzakovich Tersebayev


Ardak Zhanuzakovich Tersebayev was born in 1979 in the family of workers.
 1. Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications.
 2. Belarusian State University.
1. Construction of railways, road and track facilities. Engineer
2. Technologies of personnel management. Master

He began his career in 1996 as a track mechanic in the Chiganak distance of the Alma-Ata railway track.

General experience in railway transport from 1996 to 2010.

During his industrial activity was one of the organizers of a major overhaul of the second main track haul-Chiganak Barubaytal, Chiganak-Kayratkol (Astana-Almaty section) and dismantling of inactive station at the same site.

Reinforced repairs of the upper track structure were implemented with the use of a complex of heavy-duty track machines, the replacement of the ballast layer and the extension of the rail track to the block section of the haulage to increase the speeds on the Astana-Almaty section. All these works required a high engineering approach; moreover, in order for the further content of the implemented innovations, it was necessary to re-train all the personnel of middle managers. The organization of training for middle managers was entrusted to me.

The transfer to Balkhash distance in 2007.

A lot of work was done to reconstruct the necks of Buirek, Sary-kum and Kokdombak stations while working in the Balkhash distance. Turnouts of type P-50 on wooden beams has been dismantled by reconstruction and the installation of turnouts type P-65 on reinforced concrete beams. On the Kokdombak-Sarykum track haul, he organized work on welding rails with a discharge of thermal stress. According to my personal initiative, works were carried out for setting turnouts for stone ballast at Balkhash station. Similarly, the optimization of loaded routes of ladder track. This work provided significant savings for the budget as a whole.

I left the work in “НК “ҚТЖ” JSC at the end of 2010, of course, it was possible to continue, but practice showed that there were no prospects for people with engineering thinking, besides, I had long thought of opening my construction company.

So, I began gradually realize my dream by opening a construction company in the beginning of 2011 where to this day I am working safely for the benefit of those people who, after believing me, followed me.